Monday, July 8, 2019

Subbuteo in Marzahn/Hellersdorf for the 40th anniversary-

Open Air Again
[Deutsche Fassung siehe unten]

Subbuteo Club Berlin took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the 40 years anniversary of the borough of Hellersdorf. This is rather young compared to Subbuteo which was invented in 1947 and is therefore more than 70 years old.

SCB was again part of the display of our friendly host, namely the Stadtteilzentrum Biesdorf. On a hot day at a place in full sun a single representative of the club stubbornly invited the public to the greatest Table Football game ever produced. For the first time complete editions of the latest Subbuteo sets were available for sale.

Again the feedback was unambiguous: It‘s a thrilling game that replicates real football like no other game. But - as in most cases - it was never seen before or even heard of. Come on all you toy companies! What‘s wrong with you? Go and put this fantastic game on your shelves and we might one day see German teams produced, too.

Thanks to all the interested people, male and female(!). Hope to see you at the Stadtteilzentrum Biesdorf.

Wieder unter freiem Himmel

Der Subbuteo Club Berlin nahm an den Feierlichkeiten anlässlich des 40. Geburtstags des Stadtteils Hellersdorf teil. Das ist vergleichsweise jung, verglichen mit Subbuteo, das 1947 erfunden wurde und somit älter als 70 Jahre ist.

Der SCB war erneut Teil der Präsentation unseres freundlichen Gastgebers, nämlich dem Stadtteilzentrum Biesdorf. An einem heißen Tag an einem Platz in voller Sonne machte ein einzelner Repräsentant des Clubs die Öffentlichkeit mit dem großartigsten Tischfußball Spiel bekannt, was jemals hergestellt wurde. Zum ersten Mal standen komplette Editionen der neuesten Subbuteo Sets zum Verkauf.

Wiederum war das Feedback eindeutig: Es ist ein spannendes Spiel, welches wie kein zweites den echten Fußball simuliert. Aber - wie in den meisten Fällen - wurde es noch nie zuvor gesehen oder gar auch nur davon gehört. Was ist los mit Euch Spielzeug-Unternehmen? Was stimmt nicht mit Euch? Packt dieses fantastische Spiel in Eure Regale und vielleicht sehen wir sogar eines Tages, dass auch deutsche Mannschaften produziert werden.

Vielen Dank an alle interessierten Leute, männlich wie weiblich(!). Wir hoffen, wir sehen uns im Stadtteilzentrum Biesdorf.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Review Meeting #24

Here we go again, report from meeting number 24!

This time to the Leggenda teams we added special guests from 1940's 😱😱

Down below reports and pics of some of the games:

Dynamo Moskow 1945 - Sparta Prague 1991     1 - 1

First timer Dynamo came all the way from 1945 Soviet Union to take Leggenda teams. Many books have been wrote about their 1945 tour of UK ( "Passovotchka - Moskow Dynamo in Britain 1945"  - by David Downing) telling the story of the beautiful passing game displayed by the russians and man, they performed! In a tough but well fought match they tied with a talented Sparta Prague from the 90's. The goals happened in quick sequence, cechs took the lead.

Dynamo Moskow 1945 - Liverpool 1946    1 - 1

Second game for the Dynamos against this time a Liverpool side from the 1946 champion of Britain.
Another tie game with many chances from both sides. Everything happened in the first half and many more goals could have been scored if it wasn't from the great goalkeeping and bad luck.

Uruguay 2018 - Colombia 1990     1 - 4

La "Celeste" completely wiped out by an amazing and cynical colombian side from the 90's. Muslera just wasn't on top of his game and it showed, his disastrous performance led to a harsh defeat in the first southamerican derby on the night.

Paraguay - Argentina 1978  2 - 0

Second upset on the evening as the tough Paraguayans topped the "Albiceleste" world champion of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. Ardiles and Kempes were not effective as usual and the host in red and white striped shirt penetrated way to easily in the Argentinian defence.

See you next time with flat bases!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Blütenfest Biesdorf 2019 - We were there!

June the first was that time of the year when the SC Berlin thanks to the kindness of the Biesdorf Stadtteilcentrum has a stand at the Biesdorf Blütenfest.

It was warm but this did not stop Nico Müller to show up both Saturday and Sunday, it definitely stopped the others though =). Good job Nico!

We had many guests as people passing bye were fascinated by the flicking game and tried it themselves, they had fun and so did we.

It was also the chance to play outdoor which is always a treat. This year we customized the field even more with adds and boards, and attended in full SCB gear.

Check out the pics:

Review meeting #23

Another Leggenda night,
some scores:

Manchester City - Liverpool                     2 - 1
Hungary 1986 - Cechoslovakia 1962        1 - 1
Nigaria 2018 - Chile 1962                         2 - 0

down below the pics: