Sunday, April 7, 2019

Review Meeting#20

We were back in action last Thursday fielding HW la Leggenda which we really enjoy playing with.
USSR, Chile, Cechoslovakia, Netherlands and Sweden took the blaze in a revival of their best years and performances in World and Euro Cups of the past.

A lot of fun, and a bit of nostalgia!

Here the scores and the players involved:

USSR 66 (A.Tarantino) - Chile 62 (N.Müller)                     0-1
Sweden 94 (A.Tarantino) - Cechoslovakia 62 (A.Portale)   3-0
Netherlands 74 (N:Müller) - Cechoslovakia 62 (A.Portale) 2-0

"Just three games? Well...yes...they were long ones and when we start talking....we talk. Besides we focused on enjoying ourselves, afterall that's is the point of the club.
I don't see thet point in people screaming for goals or sweating because trying to flick a finger in the most perfect way possible, this is a game and it should be experience as such, competitive sure but with fun and a relaxed atmosphere. (A.Tarantino)."

See you in 2 weeks, motherflickers!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Review Meeting#19

Last day of February and last meeting of the month:

We had a flat base night in a new room that maybe will become our permanent one allowing us to have our cabinet and poster on wall...

Anyway, it was chilled, it was nice, it was fun. We sped up our game thanks to the improvements of the club members and victory wasn't an easy job!

Zaire, Sporting Lisbon and Internazionale of Milan ( or Bruges if you prefer ) took the field playing 3 times each other, at the end the Portuguese side maneuvered by our club champion Nico Müller had the final victory by collecting more points. Good Job Nico!

Our next meeting will take place in 2 weeks time, but as always check with us on Facebook or Twitter if you wish to attend unexpected to make sure we are actually there.

That said, enjoy this European cups nights and see you next time!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Eurocup 84

Dear flickers we start a long journey in solo play for now, that will take us through the matches that took place during the 1984 Euro Cup campaign. The graphic will match the one of the time, the matches will be played on a 5 a side pitch.

Set of rules:
1.The first team that scores 2 goals gets the 2 points win, in case of 1-1 each team gets a point.
2. No offside
3. When in possession the goalie can flick the ball in the penalty area.
4. Movements: 1 on a throw-in, 2 on a free kick or a penalty, 3 on a corner, free re-positioning on a goal kick. Each team will always take the movements.
5. Free kick on every contact, if in the attacking half it is always direct, if in the penalty area it will result in a penalty.
6. Home team starts the match attacking from right to left.

Starting from the qualifying groups, we seeded the nations according to their real tables of the 1983, coming up with 2 Pots of 10 nations and 1 of 8:

The remaining 4 nations play a qualifying round robin, the first 2 join the third pot.
So far only the first legs have been played.

The 30 nations will be drawn in 10 groups of 3, each group will include a nation from pots A,B,and C.
The nations will play home and away matches on a round robin, the first ones plus the 6 best seconds will go through and play the Eight Finals on a direct elimination in home and away matches.
Order is decided by: points, goal scored, goal received and direct matches.



Friday, February 22, 2019

Review meeting#18

Short review of our 18th meeting since the club was born, in many european country this is the adult age threshold, it wasn't for our club as only 2 people could attend, and like they say : few but good.
It was therefore a good chance to try out some Leggenda Platinum team and replay some historical match the likes of Holland - Argentina from the 70's.

Enjoy the pics,
see you next time in 2 weeks!

Inter (Erik) vs Liverpool (Nico) 0:2
Holland (Nico) vs Argentina (Erik) 2:1
Argentina (Erik) vs Holland (Nico) 0:1

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Review Meeting #17

First meeting of the new year was characterized by a mix base competition where modern flat bases took on old HW's.
The result was a sparkling night of Subbuteo.

Down below the scores and pics, enjoy!

See you in 2 weeks time!

N.Müller : Cameroon HW
A.Tarantino : Ghana HW
A.Müller : Bayern Munich Flat
E.Klosslowski : Inter Flat

Bayern Munich  -  Inter  0 - 0 ( 6-7 penalties )
Cameroon - Ghana 3 - 0
Inter - Cameroon  0 - 1
Ghana - Bayern Munich 0 - 0
Inter - Ghana  0 - 0
Ghana - Cameroon 2 - 0

Review Meetings #15-16

We're back!!!

We had a very long holiday break but we are finally back on the pitch.

In order to catch up with missing meeting reviews here it is the one for meeting 15 and 16 based on the Copa Libertadores in LW to celebrate the final Boca-River from last December.

Members of the club were drawn to south american teams and took the filed defending the colors of the assigned teams:

River Plate    - Racing Club de Avellaneda   2-1
U. de Chile    - Santos                                    1-2
Flamengo      -  Colo Colo                             0-0
Atletico Mineiro  -  Boca Juniors                  n.p.

The project was interested but somehow stopped there, we might keep playing in the future, for now here are the pics of the evenings, enjoy!